Sunday, May 18, 2008

wallpaper sucks

Sorry for the strong language, but it's true. I have wallpapered so much in this house, mostly because the walls previously had wallpaper, and it was easier (?) to strip it and put up new, rather than remove it and fix the walls to where they could be painted.

No more wallpaper in the kitchen, it just isn't the look I am going for. So yesterday was spent stripping wallpaper. And then I found that the window wall isn't really painted, it is paint over not one, but two layers of old wallpaper, with another layer of paint in between. (random curses upon previous owners of 603 Hamline....) Since that will be a bit more labor intensive, I saved that fun little project for today. And I need to finish emptying out all the cupboards, as tomorrow they all come off the walls. Then we will need to make all of the repairs to the walls, to make them paintable, and scrub and paint the ceiling, and then the walls.

But I am thinking after dirt biking for two days straight, Mike may be a little sore, and moving a little slowly tomorrow, so that may be more like a two day project...or even three. Like I said, we are not going to be completing this project anytime soon.

I am hoping that when the cupboards come off the walls we will find the secret wall safe full of long forgotten Chevron or Exxon oil stock certificates. And then I can hire someone to do all of this!

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  1. Love your kitchen photo! WOW - posting on a Saturday AND Sunday - you must be really sick of the wallpaper removal process!


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