Tuesday, May 27, 2008


May is a psychotic month. It could snow, it could be 90. You might need polar fleece, or you might need a tank top. Maybe boots, perhaps sandals. Perhaps that is why the sign of Gemini is mostly for May, because as you may know Gemini's run to the extremes as well. And I am proud to be one of them, well, most of the time.

There is yard work to be done, and winter stuff to finally put away. You need to find baseball gloves, and dust off lawn furniture, and tune up motorcycles. There are windows to be washed and screens to put up.

And then there are the occasions-in my family we have multiple birthdays, and anniversaries. Then there is the end of the school year, and the school Carnival, and Mother's Day, and friends with sons and daughters graduating from high school. And the plant sale, and hiring more employees for summer staffing, and making sure we have enough inventory for increased summer traffic. And Mike is getting ready for his first Enduro of the season, coming up this weekend.

Sounds like the perfect time to rip your kitchen out of your house, doesn't it?

The last cabinets and sink are probably coming out tomorrow, and we will be doing dishes in the bathroom. Can you say paper plates? The rest of the kitchen is empty, and getting painted today.

In other news, Claude continues to improve, and gets another new splint today.

He sleeps a lot. And no, I do not coordinate his blankets with his splint.

And we finally got a shot of the babies. They are very noisy when momma doesn't bring the worms fast enough. And I have no idea how she sits on them and keeps them warm, wouldn't all of those beaks be a little uncomfortable?

So far, they have all survived.

Yup, just another May at the Pohl house.

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