Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Mother Nature, part 2

Okay, I know you are probably busy right now figuring out where to send your next horrific weather. Is is a hormone problem? Because you clearly have some issues, if you look at what has been happening world wide over the last few weeks. And I really don't feel I have the right to whine about our cold temperatures, when other people are trying to recover from cyclones and tornadoes and flooding.

We finally have leaves, or at least buds, on most of our trees, and our grass is delightfully green. So what if we still have to throw on a sweatshirt in the morning, and I haven't felt I can put the gloves and mittens away yet. We are blessedly free from some of the blasts you have been sending elsewhere.

The average temperature right now is 71 degrees, we are lucky to hit 60. But I finally let the plants sit outside over night, Mike and I have been dragging them in and out since last Thursday. Now they will hust have to tough out whatever you throw our way.

So I am not going to ask for anything for ourselves here in Minnesota. Okay, just one request, can you make it stop snowing up north? But how about you take it easy for a while, and let people in tornado alley and across the world catch their breath.

Gratefully yours,

A Minnnesota Gardener

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  1. Whew, I am glad I am not the only one putting mittens on in the mornings still! :-)


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