Wednesday, May 21, 2008


What a week around here, and it's only Wednesday!
Claude snuck out of the house on Monday night, during the Great Squirrel Relocation Project. I realized he was gone when he wasn't meowing at me to go to bed, so Mike went out and looked for him. Then I took a turn, wandering the neighborhood with a flashlight and some tuna fish. No luck.

He has had some walkabouts before at night, but has always shown up bright and early the next morning, meowing very loudly for some breakfast.

He didn't show up yesterday. I let Charlie play his new NHL video game before school, so he wouldn't notice.

We made signs and put them up throughout the area, Mike searched on his bike, I looked on foot, and dear friends Kari and Tracy L helped out too. No Claude.

At this point, I knew he had to be trapped somewhere, because otherwise he would surely have found his way home.

Late last evening, a neighbor stopped by with Ernie, a gray neighborhood cat. Sorry, wrong one! He was back a few minutes later, to tell us that the woman who carpools with his wife had mentioned seeing a cat by their air conditioner when she left for work that morning. So Mike and Charlie sprinted down to the house, which is across Hamline (how he crossed without getting hit is a wonder, he is NOT street smart) and down the block, and found him there. He had injured his back left leg, and couldn't walk.

So he is safe. Not sound, but safe. We are bringing him in to the vet this morning to see what can be done for him. I was never so glad to bury my face in his soft fur, and hear his distincitve purr as he nuzzled my face. Oh dear Claude, welcome home. You were sorely missed.

( A pre-adventure photo )

Thanks to everyone who sent their positive thoughts our way yesterday-it worked!!!

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