Thursday, May 22, 2008


So much going on around here this week, here is the latest news:

Claude has two broken bones in his leg, one punctured through the skin and left a nasty wound. We can only speculate on how it happened. He has been splinted and wrapped, and will need a new splint and wrap every few days so the vets can check his wound for infection. He is on pain meds, and antibiotics, and thyroid meds - 17 year old kitties need lots of drugs. He wants to go all over the house, and climb the stairs to our room, or go down to the basement. You can tell when he is gotten up, he sounds like a tiny little peg-leg pirate clunking across the room. We have to carry him around a lot. But he isn't supposed to be moving around on his own, so we have tried to keep him in the living room. Everything he needs is there, but he is such a creature of habit he still thinks his litter box is in the basement (you can imagine how hard that is to deal with when you have to drag your leg around), and his food is in the kitchen. So if we have to leave him alone today I will have to barricade all the doorways in the living room so he can stay safe. Now if he will just quit trying to jump onto the couch....

But he did finally start purring again last night, and gave himself a bath, so we believe he is on the mend. He gets to see another vet on Friday, we will know more then. We are just so very glad to have him home, our lives seemed incomplete without him.

The kitchen project has been coming along, although slower than we had hoped, what with all of our extra activities this week:

Mike came to my rescue and finished scraping the mulitple layers of wallpaper off of the window wall. I love him. My discs were starting to stage a protest. Today he hopes to finish fixing up three of the walls, and get them ready for painting, remove the last of the wall cabinets, and get the ceiling painted.

In other news, the lilacs are blooming!

I love lilacs, and wish they would last longer. But for the few days that they sweetly scent our backyard, I fully enjoy them. And Momma Robin had her babies! I have not gotten close enough to take a pic, as I don't want to disturb her, but I spied her bringing worms to the nest last night, and could see tiny beaks peeking up to get their dinner.

While Mike works on those kitchen walls today, I plan to start putting the cabinets together-in between helping out at Charlie's school, and taking him for a check-up this afternoon.

Now doesn't that look like fun? Maybe I will build them in the living room, to keep Claude company.

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