Friday, May 16, 2008

rare double post...

Because I have been outside all day, washing windows and putting up screens, and I took these shots, and just had to share them with all of you on this gorgeous day.

Momma Robin is still in residence, she was not too happy with all of our messing around by her nest today.

We weren't really that close, Mike used his telephoto lens, or she would have never sat there for her portrait. While I was on the ladder washing the window right next to the nest, I just had to peek inside, and looky what I found:I counted four that I could see, but I couldn't see the whole thing so there may be more. Aren't they just beautiful? I am sending a little prayer out that they all survive, and she can raise them in my yard, and send them on their way.

And then I had to take some pics of my newly planted flowers-most of these came from Gerten's, from our school plant sale. Such healthy plants!

These are mini callibrochia-they bloom anywhere you plant them, you will get more flowers the more sun they get. They are self dead-heading, and so easy to take care of. They offered a mixed basket this year, they are gorgeous! I plan to get even more of them next year.I moved my pot of Johnny Jump Ups and planted them at the base of our birch tree. A whole bunch of little tiny smiles for whoever happens to be walking by:Oops, plopped this pic in too close-the above is a mixed begonia pot. I ADORE begonias, because they kind of look like roses but are a lot easier to take care of. They like a little sun, mostly shade, and also dead head themselves. These are on my front step, to greet the mailman. Or the Jehovah Witnesses, who are the only other people who use my front door.

And these are just random shots of all of the color I planted this year. Normally I have to have a color scheme, but I think our extended winter affected my psyche a bit as I was placing my order, because I have every color, everywhere:

I have little birds, or birdhouses, throughout my garden. Hey, maybe that's why Momma Robin picked our place for her little nest! She could tell we were bird friendly.

Hope you get to do some planting this beautiful weekend!


  1. I am so jealous. But we did buy the same color calibrocha! Kismet.

  2. ..oh, I want some of those calli...blah, blah blah ones - those are gorgeous!

    Hope your robins eat all of your worms - or send them to my house, please!


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