Saturday, May 31, 2008

car ni val !

OH what a fun night!

Charlie's school held their annual carnival Friday night-it is such a great way to finish off the school year. And this year, it was truly a wonderfully old fashioned carnival. There was a cake walk (extremely popular, full size cakes and pies!) bingo, a book sale, a raffle (there was even a Wii!), ring the bottle, water wars, kiddie games, kickball, basketball, an inflatable jumping zone, face painting, a photo booth (for that souvenier Hawaiian photo), sidewalk art, and lots of fun snacks. The Fire Department even showed up with a truck for the kids to check out, and some lucky ones even got to try their hand at the water hose.

It takes an army of volunteers to put it on, and it's so much fun to catch up with everyone. Many of the teachers are there, working a shift too, and the kids love to be able to see their teacher outside of the regular classroom. The real heroes are the ones who organize it and pull it all together, and I think Charlie summed it up best on the way home. Face flushed from the exercise and excitement, a huge smile on his face, he proclaimed " Mom, that was the BEST CARNIVAL EVER!" And considering this was our 6th carnival (we started going the year before Charlie started kindergarten) I think that is really saying something. So my hat goes off to those hardworking moms that pulled this off, and did such a fabulous job. Because there are a lot of really happy kids tonight, and after all, that is who it's for!

I wish I had some photos to share with you, there will probably be some on our school website that I can share at a later date. I was too busy manning the photo booth to take my own pictures!

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