Friday, May 16, 2008

Charlie Biker

Another thing you can't do in the suburbs? Ride your bike down the sidewalk. 'Cause they don't have sidewalks. Which are a very important piece of having a true neighborhood.Charlie asked me to take pictures of him doing wheelies-so I grabbed the camera and did my best. Prior to take-off, Major concentration:And he pops it!

Nice landing. Clearly, I am not too great with the camera in these situations. After seeing the pics, Mike told me about this cool setting we have on our camera, just for sport situations. So I will use that next time, and these pics will turn out much better. But I think they still captured the moment.

Brad Bombardir is "Principal for the Day" at Charlie's school today (Go Wild!) and Charlie was up at 6:30 and dressed in his jersey and shiny red shorts. I really hate those shiny athletic shorts and pants, how about a cute pair of jeans or cargo shorts? But you gotta let a 10 year old boy be in charge of something....

He and Mike are heading out at the crack o dawn tomorrow to ride dirt bikes all day near Thielman, Mike will camp overnight and ride again on Sunday, Charlie is getting a ride home Saturday night with some friends, he said he doesn't feel like camping quite yet.

When the weather is finally this nice, the kitchen can wait.

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  1. Great pictures! Charlie needs to teach E those tricks! Hey, we are alone this weekend too - so come on over and drink and plant in my yard...oh, but poo, I still need to buy some flowers...hhhmmmm...


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