Monday, January 28, 2013

another 'blogiversay '

I have been completely neglecting my blog over the last several months, just no free time in my days for writing. Today I realized that it was five years ago, on the 27th of January, that I started this blog.  I feel like I don't deserve cake with candles, as my writing has been woefully absent lately.

With my days so full of everything else, I have let my blog go.  I am not sure that I am ready to do it again, this next year will be challenging in so many ways.  Even now, as I type this, I am feeling guilty as I should be working on my profit and loss forecast for the year.  These are the days it is hard to have a home office, I find myself working into the evening to get things done, in between making dinner and doing laundry and making sure to find time for friends who need me.  Even when I put everything away, into the office, away from my sight, I can hear it calling me, reminding me of the huge list of tasks I have not yet crossed off.

Oh woe is me, first world problems, right?  Time for a flower picture from gardens past.  I loved this one so much I had it printed on to a 11" x 14" canvas, and it hangs in my office.

Time for a deep breath, and some perspective.  I WILL find time to write this year.  It is a small thing I can do for myself, to keep that spoke on my wheel of life strong.

In the meantime, my dear cousin Shelly has been posting some beautiful pictures on her blog, go and give yourself a smile


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