Wednesday, May 7, 2008

postal delivery

Unless you have been hibernating for the last few weeks, you know it is Mother's Day on Sunday. Every retailer is hoping to entice everyone and their precious dollars. There are the usual sentimental jewelry ads, and encouragements to buy spa gift cards (a lovely gift, I might point out...). I love the promotions for "Gutter Guards, the perfect Mother's Day Gift!"

As with all events gift related, I am in charge of finding the perfect thing each year for my mother-in-law as well as my mom. I really enjoy it, Mike's mom always loves what we give her (and if she didn't, we would never know about it). I usually like to get my mom a gift card to somewhere fun, as we have very different tastes, and she will rarely "splurge" on something for herself. So this year it was to Christoper & Banks, as they actually have a location in Bemidji, and I know she will find something she will wear.

And having been in the beading mode lately, I decided to whip up a little something to go with the gift card. So I got out my supplies, poured another cup of coffee, and put on some nice music.

Beading is very zen-like for me, I love a chance to be creative. More than anything, I love the need to buy more stuff. And then organize it. And notice how good it looks all organized.

And here is the finished product, a little toggle dangle necklace with earrings.

I think she will like it. Since I won't be able to see her face when she opens it, I won't ever know for sure. But a girl can try. And the little pendant says "live". Just another gentle reminder for her to schedule that colonoscopy.

In order to make sure things get to Bemidji in time (I swear, sometimes they go through Florida first) everything needs to get in the mail today. There is nothing worse than making the phone call on Sunday and finding out the package didn't arrive in time. "Oh Kris, it really doesn't matter". But yes it does!

So I put Charlie in charge of making cards for his Grandma's. He is usually quite clever with words on his cards. Apparently he had a little writer's block going on:And apparently he thought saying "love" might be too mushy. Ahhhh, a 10 year old boy.

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