Monday, May 5, 2008

sand, sweat, and smiles

Yesterday was Mike's first event of the season! He tried a Hare Scramble event last fall, and really enjoyed it, so decided to jump right in this year. A Hare Scramble is a combination of an Enduro (his normal event, which involves a course through the woods, and requires pacing, and checkpoints, and being half crazy to do it in the first place) and a Motocross, which is a defined course set up in a field, and only has one checkpoint to get your lap time, and requires you to be the fastest guy out there.

It was in Monticello, which is just an hour away, so Charlie and I went along to be cheerleaders. Since most of the rest of his events are out of town and require being gone all weekend.

It was a glorious spring day, achingly blue skies with marshmallow clouds. Here he is, all clean and ready to go.
Mike was a little nervous, he moved up to Senior B class this year, as he won C class last year, and felt he was ready. But much harder competition. He said he was just going to take it easy, and hold back. Here is a fine example of that, as he was first off the line from a shotgun start (meaning they are standing next to their cold bikes, have to jump on, start them, and head out).
Charlie was the videographer, while I was the photographer. Through the dust. And yes, we ARE that close to the action.
And here comes Mike, number 338, through the corner, and still ahead of the majority of the pack.
Once they do the course through the field, they head into the woods, and Mike was doing a lap in 30-40 minutes-so there was some down time until I looked for another spot to take pictures. It is a fun atmosphere-great people watching. The emergency guys are there, just in case. Luckily, they were bored all day. Not one single injury, which is really saying something, I think there were well over 400 riders. And you see ALL KINDS of riders-young guys, old guys, tattooed guys. There was a kids competition in the morning, one of Charlie's new riding friends is displaying his trophy to the other admiring kids. Charlie isn't quite ready for that yet.And there is a girl's competition too, which is wonderful. And women riders too, who just have to compete with the guys. They rock.Back to the action! Here comes Mike!
And he flies too!He has just finished his last lap, all four of them, and he did it in 2 hours and 36 minutes. Without stopping once. And he ran out of water after 3 laps. And he is SMILING.

And here is a direct quote "That is the most fun I have ever had on a motorcycle".And luckily he had his very own personal water boy.

So here is the guy who was going to "take it easy, and hold back". He finished FOURTH in his class of 17 guys. And is going to start doing commercials for Powerade.

I love the wonderful example he is giving Charlie-he works so hard every day, conditioning his body, eating right, and doing what he needs to so that he can do something he has an absolute passion for. I guess all of those cold January mornings, when he really didn't want to go to the gym, have paid off! I am so proud.

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  1. Seriously, I am tears reading this! I am sooo flippin' proud of Mike! What an amazing accomplishment. I had to show these pictures of Mike riding his Moto yesterday to the they SWEAR Mike IS Dan Zane and they kept saying during the concert yesterday..."I think that is Mike up there singing with just really funny hair..."

    ...just think how proud you will be soon with both your boys out there riding!...and we'll be getting our nails done.


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