Thursday, May 8, 2008


Horace Mann holds a plant sale each spring, as a fundraiser for the school. I have worked it every year since Charlie was in kindergarten. Gerten's brings a truckl full of our orders to the school parking lot bright and early in the morning, we unload it, check it, sort it, and then fill all of the orders that the families have made.

It's a fun, busy morning, and you get to be surrounded by the sites and smells of plants in dirt. Could you ask for anything more? The weather has ranged from 40 degrees and pouring rain, to bright sunshine and 80 degrees. So you never know for sure if you will need hip waders or sun screen. It;s a whole day event, Charlie will join me when he gets out of school, and at 6 we will head home and hopefully Mike will be cooking dinner.

I am there, right now, as you are reading this, on Thursday, May 8th, as Blogger finally has figured out how to let me write a post, and then schedule when it shows up on my blog.
So in honor of Plant Sale Pick Up Day, here are a few random shots from my own little garden:
Ever-cheerful Johnny Jump Ups, remind me of my Grandpa Don. And the lilac bushes are finally leafing out:One of my very favorite spring plants is thriving, a white bleeding heart:
Here is a ..... dang. Total mental block. They are gorgeous when they bloom, look kind of like trumpets, I add a new species/color to my perennial garden every year. They get kind of tall, my favorite part is how the leaves cup drops of dew. See it on the leaves? When I remember what it's called, I will let you know:And lastly, a tiny little shot of color. This is a .... wow. My old brain is having a little trouble with plant names this morning. It's a little bulb you plant in the fall, sometimes these even peek up through the snow. One of the very first plants to bloom. I planted these over 10 years ago, each spring a few of them bravely show themselves.We have a new tenant this year. A robin has decided to build her nest in this wreath hanging on the side of the house, right in between the kitchen and dining room windows. We have a great spot to watch her work, and so far she hasn't been scared off by all of the traffic, and dogs regularly walking by. I hope she stays, and that it all works out, and that we get to see her raise her babies.I'll keep you posted on how this works out. Spring is really and truly finally here!

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