Tuesday, April 1, 2008

not funny

Mother Nature decided to play a huge joke on all of us Minnesotans yesterday. Just in case we haven't been completely sick of winter since the first week of January. Or just wanted to drag that shovel out one more time.

But at 4 this afternoon, the sun has been shining all day, and things are melting quite nicely. And since Charlie doesn't have school, he has been having a ball outside. Perfect snowball snow.

I got to see my niece Savana play hockey last weekend! She has been playing for a couple of years, but since we don't get up to Bemidji much in the winter I never had a chance to see her play.

She had been selected to play on an All Star team, representing the Northern part of the state, and the tournament was held in Plymouth. She ROCKED! I was so proud.

Sure wish they had girls hockey when I was growing up. My mom had enrolled me in figure skating lessons when I was young. Not being terribly graceful, the instructor recommended to my parents that perhaps I find something else to do. Hockey would have been perfect! My dad made a rink for us by flooding the back yard, and Kelly and I used to skate out there all of the time. But my pretty white figure skates really didn't work so great for tearing down the rink and checking him into the clothesline pole. Ah well, I will just live that little dream through my niece. Since Charlie has zero interest in even learning how to skate.

Since I started this post with what we HOPE will be the last blast of winter, here is looking forward to warm days outside:

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