Monday, March 31, 2008

time flies, part V

Recipe update: I am saving them. I spent a good part of Friday filing, sorting, clipping, and decided I just can't part with them, quite yet. I did get rid of a bunch, that I knew I wouldn't make, due to the likes and dislikes of my guys. But if nothing else, it inspired me to try a bunch of new things this week.

Spring Break at our house this week, it was so nice to sleep in a little today! As many folks are, we decided to forego the warm weather vacation this year and hang out at home. We have things to take care of around the house (basement and attic cleaning, etc) that we need to do now, so that when it finally DOES get nice, we can be outside as much as possible. And there are some great movies showing at the Omni Theater at the Science Museum we want to see, and friends to hang out with, games to play, and puzzles to put together. We are forecasted to get dumped on today, so we may have to make a snowman too.

Mike was at ACES all day yesterday, so Charlie and I decided to tackle his room. (Okay, my idea, Charlie was not an enthusiastic supporter.) We did that big job of going through all of his clothes and shoes to see what no longer fit, checking out what he has for spring ( FOR WHEN IT GETS WARMER), and even completely cleaned out his closet, and went through toys. wow, what a job. We still have about 72 billion Lego pieces to sort, but that will be another day.

As with all of the toys, I would say "Do you want to keep this?" I pulled out the storage tub of matchbox/hot wheels/tonka trucks. It was full of all of the little vehicles he collected. He LOVED them. He had them from the time he was quite little, he respected the truck and never put them in his mouth. He knew what models they were when he could barely talk. Dump trucks, garbage trucks, bulldozers, coupes, all terrain vehicles, convertibles-he had them all. I would draw a big city for him, on a giant piece of paper, and we would play for hours with his little vehicles. Here is the police station, and the school, and the hospital, and the mall, and the construction site.

"You know mom, I don't really play with them anymore. They can go away".

My heart nearly burst. "Hey, I will get you a little box, maybe you want to save just a few of them for when you have kids". (because Mike's mom had saved some of theirs, and Charlie used to love playing with them). So he did, and they are tucked away with his Winnie the Pooh, and his train set, and "Good Night Moon". So while there may be a little more room in his closet, a piece of my little boy is gone forever. He would rather race those cars on his video game!

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