Saturday, March 1, 2008

it's a musical life

I could not live without music. It is really essential to my life. The one thing I would absolutely have to have if stranded on a deserted island is my Ipod. And the charger. Oh wait, guess I would need some electricity. Okay, let's just hope I never get stranded on an island, because if the only music I had would be me, singing, I would be in trouble.

Watched the Academy Awards last week, heard a lovely song from the movie "Once". Just beautiful. And then the pair who wrote and performed it won the Oscar for best song. And they were so delightful when accepting the award. I am going to attempt to link to it here:

(Hope that works, I am still learning all of the technical aspects of blog world.)

The movie was beautiful, and yesterday I went out and bought the soundtrack. It was filmed with two hand held cameras, and $100,000, over three weeks. So exciting when you see such passion being shared with the world. And people who you have never heard of getting some attention. Not for being in rehab, or chased by papparazzi, but for just writing and performing a touching song.

Enjoy your weekend! It is finally March. Good-bye dreary days of February, we will start to get our first glimmers of spring!

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  1. Kristi,
    I too love Glen and Marketa. I saw the movie before the Oscars and purchased their cd. This cd has an extra dvd with it that shows a 7/07 concert in Chicago where tickets were sold out. They came outside to the side walk and played for people standing out there. It is amazing and wonderful. Truly talented individuals, sharing their passion.
    Here is to good music, delicious wine, and wonderful friends.


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