Saturday, March 15, 2008


warning, I am going to ramble.

I just finished reading an article in Real Simple magazine, called "my identity, lost and found" and it got me thinking. At the same time, I was watching "Silverado" (one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES) while my boys were at the Supercross at the Metrodome. And I came up with this post:

Everything we do, at the time it is happening, seems SO IMPORTANT:

-picking just the right outfit for the first day of school
-giving the boy in 4th grade that you have a crush on the Perfect Valentine
-Choir, or German? Which elective should I choose? And will I have any friends in class?
-Oh my gosh, bikini or one piece?
-If the boy I like hears I like Christopher Cross, will he still like me?
-Should I go with the Gunne Sax dress for prom, or sew a knock off?
-If I go to UND, will Mike keep dating me? Will my parents ever talk to me again?
-Should I drop out of Accounting class, because it is WAY OVER MY HEAD
-If I let Mike stay overnight in my dorm room, will I get fired from my Resident Asst. job?
-Should I switch my major from Business to Art so I don't have to take Speech class?
-Is Mike EVER going to propose? Should I ask him? Should I give him an ulitimatum?
-Should I take the job at NDSU that starts the day after graduation?
-How about the 2nd floor apartment in the old house in the seedy part of Fargo?
-Can I afford $700 for a car?
-Do I apply for the management position for Northwest Fabrics?
-Do I want to live in Sioux City Iowa for 4 months?
-Is it really a good idea to sew all of my bridesmaid's dresses?
-Can I be really skinny in time for the wedding?
-How the heck am I ever going to find my way around the Twin Cities?
-Why do I have this job where I work my butt off, get migraines, work nights and weekends for crappy pay?
-Will Target really hire me?
-Will Mike EVER want to have a baby?
-Will I ever be able to HAVE a baby?
-What the heck do I know what to do with a baby?
-Is Charlie ever going to stop crying?
-How can I get him to take a bottle, or a nap?
-How do I dare put him in day care?
-Will he EVER sleep through the night?
-Are there really germs in my furnace ducts?
-Am I giving him enough vegetables?
-Is he getting enough socialization?
-Which preschool is best?
-Can I leave him in the backyard alone for one minute while I go to the bathroom?
-Does his kindergarten teacher understand when he needs to go to the bathroom?
-Do the other kids like him?
-Is he ready for T Ball?
-Is his BMI normal?
-Can he handle a loft bed?
-How many summer camps does he need?
-What about swimming lessons?
-Are the neighbors talking about my messy yard?
-Where the heck does Charlie go to middle school?
-Shall I go with Butter Cream or Creme Brulee for the paint in my living room?

My my my. I could go on and on. And I have. Things that were REALLY REALLY important, aren't anymore. They get replaced. Thank goodness.

I guess the most important thing is that I care. And I know all of YOU care. Maybe just a little too much. But I think that is okay, too. As long as we remember to care about ourselves, too.

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