Saturday, March 8, 2008

how well do you know me?

We spent the afternoon at the Minnesota History Center today. It was a great thing to do with a day off of school. Living in the cities, I often feel guilty that we don't take more advantage of all of the wonderful things around us. But today, we did something that was good for us.

There is an exhibit there, called MN 150, that celebrates 150 things that make Minnesota special. There was an area where you could compete in a MN trivia contest. It was so fun, and gave me the idea to do the following little quiz. (FYI, I beat my husband, "Trivia Mike", two out of 3 games. Charlie was surprised.) Because I knew that St. Anthony Falls was the only natural falls in this area on the Mississippi River. Okay, I guessed. It could have very easily been Minnehaha Falls.

Since my blog isn't exactly world-wide, and the only people who read it are friends of mine, I thought I would see just how much you really know about me. I will give the answers in my next blog. Let me know how many you got right, and the winner will get a fabulous prize!

Just so you know there may be MORE THAN ONE CORRECT ANSWER:

Things I wanted to do when I was a senior in high school (and my parents said no):
A. Stay out past 11 pm
B. Try out for the basketball team
C. Go to "call backs" for the school play
D. Date a college boy

Some of my favorite movies are:
A. Halloween
B. Big Chill
C. Raising Arizona
D. Waitress

When I was 18 years old, I:
A. had an emergency appendectomy
B. always ordered whiskey and water
C. won Seventeen Magazines "Design a Prom Dress" contest
D. was an Avon lady

I have made money doing the following crafts:
A. Corn husk dolls
B. Pottery
C. Calligraphy
D. Wheat Weaving

The most unusual food I have ever eaten is: (only 1 here)
A. snails
B. eel
C. tongue
D. fish eggs

While at college at UND, I worked at:
A. McVey Dormitory
B. North Dakota Museum of Art
C. Steak and Stein
D. Craft World

My secret (not anymore) dream profession:
A. Forest ranger
B. White House Chef
C. Forensic Anthropologist
D. Author

While in Sioux City, Iowa, for 4 months I lived in:
A. an apartment with a river view
B. the 2nd floor of an old house turned into apartments
C. a mouse infested, dark paneled basement
D. a cute bungalow

While employed at NDSU after college graduation, I :
A. designed a "Go Bison" cross stitch kit
B. mentored art students
C. wrote a cookbook
D. was a cheerleading coach

good luck!

See, here is the deal. There are things that people who you now call your friends don't know about you. And maybe they should. Because maybe they will understand you, just a little bit better.

Or else they will have really good things to ask you about the next time you are sharing a glass of wine. Or coffee. Or tea.

Beverages. Another entire blog post.

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  1. I think I failed the test - will you still be my friend? :-)


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