Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time Flies, Part III

As I have mentioned previously, music plays a big part of my life. I used to sing to Charlie, before he was even born. Luckily, my body muffled just how bad my voice is, perhaps all he heard was a distant humming. I only sing in the car, or when I am home alone. Because I can't sing, but I like to pretend I can carry a tune. When Charlie was old enough to talk, and I would start singing in the car, he would put his hands over his ears, and say "mommy! stowp sinnnggggiinnnnng !! Okay, I can take a hint.

When Charlie was small, we always had music on in the car. Never had any Raffi, or any other traditional kids music. Nope, Charlie listened to whatever Mike or I were listening to. Springsteen, James Taylor, Earl Klugh (great for putting Charlie to sleep in the car) Bonnie Raitt.... When he was four, he started going to preschool two mornings a week at the JCC. It was good for him to hang out with other kids, and not spend all of his days with his mother. One day when I went to pick him up, his teacher was just giggling. I asked how his morning was, and she said that it was music day. Wendy had come in with her guitar, and all of the kids were in a circle around her. She asked each child what kind of music they like, what their favorite song was. She got predictable answers-Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. When it was Charlie's turn, he gleefully pronounced "Stevie Ray Vaughn!!" All of the grownups burst out laughing. Because apparently there aren't a lot of four year olds who listen to him. And I was quite proud that I was giving my child such an excellent musical background.

Fast forward to 2008. Charlie saved up his money and bought himself an Ipod shuffle, he loves to listen to it when he takes a homework break, or just needs to tune out his mom telling him to clean his room. He has received some Itunes cards for gifts, and loves to go on-line and find songs to buy. But I am started to grow a bit worried about his choices. He recently added "Ice Ice Baby" from Vanilla Ice, and "Can't Touch This" - what was that guys name? With the Zubas? Oh good heavens. And he has several Queen songs, and Billy Idol. Seriously.

I do my best not to wrinkle my nose in distaste when he picks a song or artist that I would never listen to. Because he is ten. And it is time for him to start making his own choices. And be his own kid. But when he starts searching for Milli Vanilli, I will have to draw the line....

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  1. Years ago for cd day at Cobber Kids, all the other kids brought in the typical preschool cds as you mentioned. Maren brought Barry Manilow. The other cds were forgotten as kids and teachers danced to Copacabana and It's a Miracle all day. Now she is into Green Day and Taylor Swift. Miss you! Beth


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