Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter doings

In my usual exuberance to take on a new project, and then go overboard, and really not pay attention to how much time I actually have to finish things, I am sad to report that this will NOT be the year of the felted wool Easter eggs.

I have knit them. A LOT of them. They were a great thing to do at night while the TV was droning on in the background. (I have been renting MI 5, a British spy series. Oh my.)

But now they need to be felted. And my front load washing machine doesn't work for that. So I would have to felt them by hand, on the stove, which would require several hours (days) to do. And we leave for Bemidji tomorrow to spend Easter with the families, so I guess I have run out of time. Because after you felt them, you have to shape them, air dry them, stuff them, and then sew all of the cute stuff on them.

If only I didn't have a job, and dinner to cook, and laundry to wash, and a child, and a husband, and a cat, I could sit and make felted eggs all day long.

But boy are they gonna look good when they are done.

It just seems too darned early for Easter. I had to scramble to come up with some ultra fun bags of goodies to bring up to the cousins. And we still have to pack snow boots and parkas for the trip. No spring dresses and bonnets this year! (Charlie will be so disappointed). Guess we will stick with turtlenecks and sweaters.

I am looking forward to being with everyone, since we can't get home for Thanksgiving or Christmas anymore, Easter has become the one holiday that my whole family usually gets a chance to be together. And there will be chocolate.

I won't be posting again until we get back late Sunday night, so a Happy Spring (it arrives tomorrow!) and a Lovely Easter to all of you. (remember, don't eat too many hard boiled eggs, cholesterol is bad, you know. stick with the chocolate bunnies.)

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