Monday, March 17, 2008

springsteen, again

Parking for concert: $20
Sitter for Charlie: $50
Overpriced beverages: $18
Tickets to Springsteen: $222

Seeing him perform Jungleland: priceless

And to think we were going to sell our tickets. We had seats 4 rows up from the back corner of the stage. We get to see everything that goes on behind the stage, from the guys working the light and sound boards, all of the guitars, and the guy who manages all of the guitar picks. We got to see the performers walk out from the lower level, before they headed up the steps to the stage. And at one point in the evening, Bruce walked back and stood at the end of a little walkway, and he was 10 feet from Mike and I, and there was nothing but air between us. I nearly swooned.

It was a completely different experience sitting there, compared to where our seats were when we took Charlie. We were so wishing he had been with us last night, he would have loved seeing all of the action. It was really fun to watch the band work together, send each other signals, and to see how one of those shows really happens. And I love being able to watch the reactions of the crowd, it makes for an amazing show. Springsteen still has the same enthusiasm for what he does as when I first saw him in concert, 22 years ago.

And he played Jungleland. I firmly believe it to be the most beautiful rock and roll song ever written. It starts out with a gorgeous, restrained piano introduction, tells it's story and builds to Clarence Clemon's unbelievable saxophone solo, takes you along for the ride, and leaves you at the end, all limp and amazed. I had always hoped to hear it live, and last night I got my wish.

After the last encore song (a rolicking rendition of American Land, that had the whole crowd on its feet singing along) everyone started heading home. We hung around a bit, and got to see the band after they had left the stage. So cool. Clarence needed help walking out, I think he had a hip replaced not too long ago, and I can imagine what a show like that does to his body. Mike assumed we had missed Bruce, but in a little while there he came, dressed in a long black top coat, he stopped and waved and pointed to the few fans who had remained to catch a glimpse. Just pure magic.

So today I can't hear very well, and I don't have much of a voice, I popped a blood vessel in my hand from so much exuberant clapping, and my body is protesting all of the dancing I did last night. But it was all so worth it.

EDITED 11:46 am

This is the only other song I really wanted him to play, but I have this awesome You Tube link to look at whenever I feel the need. This was from his concert tour back in '84, when I first saw him. Is it any wonder I was hooked?

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