Tuesday, March 11, 2008

quiz results

You have been on pins and needles, just waiting for me to publish the answers. right?

EDIT FIX: Realized the original post had been archived, quite sure you don't recall the questions, I have fixed it so you can see the original post.

1. A, B, and C are all correct! My parents weren't too enthused about hauling me around, which was the basic reason for all of those answers. But yet they wouldn't let me drive. Go figure. I am still bummed about the play. It was "Anne of a Thousand Days", and I had been chosen for final call backs. Guess I should get over it!

2. I love movies. Although I just watched "Michael Clayton". And I am sorry, other than seeing George Clooney, I didn't like it. In fact, I didn't even watch the whole thing. The correct answers are B, C and D.

3. When I was 18, answers A, C, and D all happened to me. I wasn't drinking (come on, the legal age then was 19). I was an Avon lady on my lunch hour, at night, and when I wasn't working full time at Pattersons. And the Seventeen magazine thing? It was a great item to put on my resume when I was job hunting to help people remember me! I think I won $100, and a box of sewing notions.

4. I made money on everything but pottery during my college days. I loved throwing pots, but was never good enough to sell any. But if you ever want to learn how to wheat weave, I am your girl.

5. When I traveled for Target, and vendors were footing the bill, I loved to try food that I would never get to otherwise. I tried eel out in LA, the same trip where we had lunch with Steven Speilberg and were on the set of "Batman" with Val Kilmer, Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones. My one and only brush with fame.

6. I worked at all of those places in college. Put myself through school, so just one job wouldn't cut it! Between all of my jobs and homework, I learned to live on 4 hours of sleep a night, which came in handy when I finally had a baby.

7. Forensic Anthropologist. I don't know why, it just really intrigues me. And it couldn't be more different from accounting if it tried.

8. The most miserable four months of my life were spent in a mouse infested, dark paneled basement in Sioux City Iowa. I was in training to be a manager for Northwest Fabrics, and that was the only location they did it. They must have figured if you could do that, you could do ANYTHING! I was also getting ready for our wedding, so it was where I sewed all of the bridesmaid dresses, wrote invitations, and made table decorations. Seriously.

9. At NDSU, I really did design a cross stitch kit, and wrote a cookbook, both of which were sold at the bookstore, where I managed the Art and Engineering Department. It was the perfect job to have right out of college, and I still remember that time fondly, and all of the wonderful people I got to know. Hi Nancy!

So there you go. If you felt you did well on my little quiz, let me know, and I have something to send you!

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