Thursday, March 6, 2008

and they're worth it

By the time you reach the exciting age of 45 (mid-life if you make it to 90, see, I CAN do math!) you have found products that you use all of the time. And you have figured out what is worth spending extra money on, and what isn't.

For no particular reason (other than I wanted to post about this before my sister did), here are things that are worth spending money, and those that just aren't:


Aveda shampoo and conditioner
Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies
Starbucks coffee beans
artisan bread
King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour
Duracell batteries
Canon photo paper
Oreck vacuums
bamboo sheets
Neutrogena face soap
Oil of Olay moisturizers
double sided, magnetic, stacking measuring spoons from Crate & Barrel
collapsible colanders
battery operated pepper mill (see, there it is again...)
Joe's Sticky Stuff Adhesive from Restoration Hardware
peeled garlic cloves from Trader Joes
Layer Cake wine
Penzey's spices and herbs
Jelly Bellys
Ghiradelli chocolate chips
fresh flowers in the dreary days of March


Garbage bags
zip top storage bags
instant oatmeal
all purpose flour/sugar
fabric softener sheets
Mike and Charlie's shampoo (they don't care as much as I do...)
toilet paper
paper towels
window cleaner
granola bars
basic pasta
frozen orange juice
coffee creamer
skim milk
shredded cheese

There. Hopefully I have helped you on your next shopping trip. See, the money you save on the basic stuff can go for the splurging on the other things. Or at least that is how I justify it....

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