Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the roller coaster that is March

Beginning of March-still freezing, as in below zero freezing. We have been looking at the same hard crust of snow since NOVEMBER.

No problem! More books, candles, flannel sheets, blankets, comfort food.

Planning things for April, will it really be warmer then? As in, we don't need to wear our boots anymore?

Washing all of Charlie's coats, snowpants. Wishing it was the last time for the season, sadly, not.

New sandals arrive in the mail. (Have I mentioned to you yet how much I love Free shipping, free returns, tons of things to choose from, and regular sales. If you have a line you love, that you know fits you well, check HERE first before you buy another pair of shoes.) I want to wear the new sandals, at least around the house. They don't look so cute with my wool socks. But I WILL get to wear them, sometime, right?

Stuffing Charlie's shoes and snowpants into his backpack, along with his homework , I am sure we are getting close to 20 pounds. A day will come when he can just wear his tennis shoes, right? Except then I won't be able to put a hat on him in the morning to tame his bedhead hair.

Oh glorious day, it was fifty degrees yesterday! And the sun was out too!!!! Wanted to get out my lawn chair, and sit in the back yard and just soak it up, but it wouldn't sit upright on the piles of snow and ice. dang. Where was that gardening magazine I had?

Back to gray uglies today. But it isn't below freezing, so that's good. They say we may be in for the biggest snowstorm of the winter next week.

Don't like getting up in the dark. Love the fact that it stays light until after dinner.

Whew! I don't know about you, but this has just worn me out. Time for a hot cup of tea, and some candles. Maybe I can cast a spell to make winter go away, forever....

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