Wednesday, April 9, 2008

random bits

Random is Charlie's favorite new word. Don't know where it came from, but he finds an opportunity to use it on a regular basis. "wow mom, THAT was random". I guess it is his version of when I used "groovy" a lot after watching too much Partridge Family or Brady Bunch.

Charlie has become a sports fanatic this year-he reads the Sports section in the paper, which works out dandy since neither Mike or I ever read it. Except for the weather report on the back. And it is pretty darn exciting around St. Paul, because the WILD ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS! Our school is heading over to the X (that's how you say it when you are in the know) this afternoon to put Wild towels on the back of every seat, yup, all 18000 +, and then they give our PTA a lovely donation for helping out. We will do it for every home game, so root for the wild so we can fill the PTA coffers!

The "Hannah Montana" bill is in the legislature right now, it would make it illegal for those nasty ticket companies to buy up huge blocks of tickets and then resell them at ridiculous prices. While I am not a fan of more laws, this one seems to me to be a no brainer. Just yesterday I was trying to get tickets for "The Swell Season" concert (the duo from the movie "Once") and it was completely sold out, but there were gobs of tickets available at ticket resources on line. For too much money. And I refuse to support that kind of gouging, so I will just sit in my back yard on May 7th, with a glass of wine, and listen to the soundtrack. And anyone who feels the same way is welcome to join me.

In Business news, Kathee Tesija was just named Executive VP of Merchandising at Target. Love the story, she started there in 1986 as a Merchandise Analyst (just like me!) and rose through the ranks. She basically will be doing what Steinhafel was doing, once he becomes CEO on May 1st when Ulrich retires. I never worked with her, but remember that the people who did had good things to say about her. I wish her luck! Chicks rule!

Joe Soucheray talked about urban turkeys today, and how they have lately become a problem since it is mating season. Mail carriers in Madison have taken to using water pistols to fend them off. Here is my favorite line from the story: "Fighting a turkey with a squirt gun? Please. That's like trying to fend off Jesse Ventura with a fact."

Signs of spring! Ummmmm, they have been pretty hard to find lately. Just ask my sister up in Bemidji, she got over two feet of snow at her new house. And she couldn't find her boots. We have the everlasting snow pile on our boulevard, it should finally be gone by the end of May. And they are predicting a nasty weather weekend. Ho hum. Just another excuse to make a pot of chili, do another jigsaw puzzle, and snuggle in for a good movie. Because you know if it was nice out we would feel the need to do yard work. So maybe this weather is just God's little way of saying that we need to hibernate, just a little bit longer.

And as Denny Crane says, "Ah well, que saran saran."

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  1. You got a date on May 7th, my dear...I'll bring some wine, you bring the guitar!


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