Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear Mother Nature-

Or maybe that isn't even your real name. Maybe it's an alias, and you are really a man.

Just a note to inform you that all of us here in Minnesota have pretty much had it up to here with your really warped notion of 'spring'. Never mind that winter started way too early this year, you have decided to extend the gray, barren, bone chilling view we have outside our window nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY well into April. Which should actually be warming up by now, just a little bit.

Is it asking too much to have some sunshine, and a temperature above 50 degrees?

Oh sure, you have taunted us with I think four days above 48 degrees, and yes, we are grateful. But our gratitude is quickly fading, with every sheet of sleet that falls on the bare tree branches, and ices up the sidewalks and roadways.

Come on, I just want to wear some sandals!

I have tried to remain optimistic, encouraging my friends to curl up and read a good book, or cook up another pot of soup. But this has gone too far. We just want to grill a hamburger, for crying out loud!

Please, just end this horrific winter insanity now. If you do, I promise we will toast you with nicely chilled glasses of wine, while watching the sun set from my patio. Maybe we will even frolic through the newly green grass, and sing your praises.

And I solemnly swear, right here and now, not to complain about the nasty humidity you will throw at us in July.


A fed up St. Paul girl who didn't get a warm vacation

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