Sunday, April 13, 2008

feeling a little swarmy....

On Sat. night, we were fortunate enough to attend our 100th Swarm game of the year!

Okay, it really isn't 100, because they haven't even had that many home games.

But if you have never seen it, going to a professional lacrosse game is WAY BETTER than sitting home and watching Star Wars for the 47th time and knitting a sweater. Or just about anything else that is available to us in January, February, March, and April.

Charlie's teacher works for the Wild, (on the side, can you imagine? the poor woman must not sleep much....) who also own the Swarm, so she works their home games too. And since they are busy building a fan base, they so very kindly donate tickets to our school. So we just pay for parking and tasty treats, and it's a very reasonable, delightful family outing. Especially in the late winter, which has lasted for a year. (see Friday's complaint post) It gives us something fun to do since we can't go boating, or play baseball, or sit on the patio and drink wine. And they DO sell wine at the X. But I digress...

Mike decided to bring his camera last night, as he keeps meaning to, and so I pulled up the pictures to put in my blog.

They were mostly of the cheerleaders. Or what I believe they call the "dance team" in shiny blue lycra. whatever. I am not going to waste my time and yours showing you a picture of their perfectly flat abs. Have a cheeseburger! (oh, did that sound kind of bitter?)

Anyhoo, I just love going and hanging out with my friends, and seeing Charlie have so much fun, as he really gets into the game. Who knew lacrosse could be such a blast!

So an official thank you to the Swarm, and Mrs. K, for so kindly sharing with all of us oh-so-very-lucky Horace Mann families.

And if you decide to try it out this Saturday night-it's 70's night, so get those bell bottoms out of the closet and dig out those Angel Flight leisure suits! Or maybe a lovely Gunne Sax dress, with Farah Fawcett hair!

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