Friday, April 25, 2008

when did I get elected princess?

-because that is what I feel like today. I am heading out for yet another 3 day weekend with females. Am I spoiled? Most definitely. Just lucky? for sure. And what are the chances that my treasured time away with other women would happen to land a week apart on the calendar?

I shall stop obsessing about the fortuitousness of it all and just go with it.

I am heading to Wisconsin to my dear friend Kari's cabin, along with our new BFF Joanne. She has three children, Noah is in Charlie and Riley's class, Kylie is in first grade, and Shea will be in kindergarten this year. And she has NEVER HAD A GIRL'S WEEKEND AWAY. So Kari and I will show her how it is done.

It is supposed to rain/snow all weekend, and be really nasty (I feel another letter to Mother Nature coming on) so we plan to bead, and make paper crafts, and cook, and eat, and shop, and read cookbooks, and watch movies. We may even drink some wine along the way.

And when I come home again on Sunday night, my guys will give me big hugs, and tell me how glad they are that I am home, and life will be good. As I will be happy to be home again, and refreshed and renewed, and ready to get back to life.

Chicks rule!

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