Monday, April 7, 2008

Three Hour Cookies

Also known as Chocolate Malt Sandwiches from Martha Stewarts new Cookie cookbook. If you got to and type in Chocolate Malt Sandwiches under the recipe search, it will pop right up.

I am borrowing a format from my favorite blogger of all time-the pioneer woman. Whenever she posts a recipe, she assembles her 'cast of characters" and photographs every step of the recipe. Charlie and I did this together, it was great fun, and hard not to get cookie batter no the camera....I have a lot of practicing to do!

Okay, here we go with the ingredients:

I decided to take this after we had already started baking, hence the cocoa powder covered counter. FYI-my mother claims I am the world's messiest cook. I am proud of that. You will see that the recipe calls for creme fraiche, which they did not have at Korte's or SuperTarget, and I wasn't going to make another trip. But I found out Marscapone cheese is an acceptable substitute, so I used that. Don't ask me why I had that in my fridge already....

Charlie was in charge of mixing the dough. I love my kitchen-aid mixer.
Ice cream scoops are a must for cookie baking-I have three different sizes. And parchment paper is handy (since I don't have Silpats).

Here they are, hot out of the oven. It took every last bit of patience not to eat one.While the cookies are baking, you make the filling. Here is my double boiler set up, I used chocolate chips instead of breaking up a whole bar. Because that is what was in the cupboard.After you mix the filling it has to sit in the fridge for half an hour, then you have to whip it up. Doesn't it look yummy?Charlie helped fill them. Mini offset spatulas work perfect for this. Every time we filled one, we had to lick our fingers and wash our hands again. Because the filling is like, chocolate heaven....And three hours later, we had cookies! The recipe made about 18 cookies, they were SO RICH. Eating one was like eating an entire cake. I found they tasted even better the next day, right out of the fridge. I don't even want to know the nutrional info on these babies, because when they have awesome ingredients, and take so long to make, it really doesn't matter!

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  1. ..oh my...oh my...oh my...did I say oh my yet?...oh my. I'm wondering when you had 3 hours available to make them...and when you will have 3 hours again so that I can have one? ..oh my...


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