Wednesday, April 23, 2008


gid·dy -Having a reeling, lightheaded sensation; dizzy. adj. gid·di·er, gid·di·est

I would like to propose that we rename the season that comes after winter, GIDDY.

Because that is what folks have been like around here lately. We have hit 70 degrees, for more than one day in a row, and honestly, I am thinking we need one big giant street party to celebrate the end of 6 months of winter and drab.

The rain last night? What a wonderful sound to hear those drops drumming on the roof! And the smell in the air when it first started was about enough to knock you over, it was so sweet, and earthy, and smelled what I imagine the color green smells like.

Speaking of green, the grass is so green today it nearly hurts your eyes. Like we should be wearing some kind of special eye protection, the kind they tell you to wear when you are watching a solor eclipse. Is it just because our rods and cones haven't seen that natural color in so long, that they can't quite identify it yet?

If you listen very closely, you can almost hear the grass growing in the Cretin field across the street from our house. I think they give it special winter food, because the first nice day comes along and it looks gorgeous. Not like the sad little grass in my yard, that is so bravely trying to emerge from all of the winter gunk. Of course, the field actually gets some sun, which I have heard makes a big difference in growing things.

I had no idea so many people actually lived in my neighborhood. The bikes, the Big Wheels, the scooters, the trikes, and the strollers are out in full force. Lots of pasty, pale skin yearning for Vitamin D. Love the sound of the flip flops as they walk past my open window. Not a sound you hear in January. And all of the houses that have been for sale in the neighborhood, are now mostly sporting SOLD signs. A very good sign, I think.

Another noticable sign of warmer weather? More teeth. People are actually smiling more. And they are kinder to each other. "No, really, I only have a couple of items, you go ahead and go in front of me". Well, I haven't actually experienced that yet, but I remain hopeful.

Longer days, the kids can play outside. You can hear the 'ping' of the ball as the metal bat knocks a run far out into the field. I love how Charlie's hair smells after he has been running around in the field all night-playing soccer, or a pick-up baseball game with neighbor kids, or tossing around the football with his dad. I am guessing when he is 13 it won't smell quite as sweet.

And of course, there is the food. Because everything in life ALWAYS comes back to the food. I am pulling out all of my warm weather recipes and putting the stews, the casseroles, the all-day-in-the-oven recipes to the back of the box. It's time for a good old tuna salad. We grilled for the first time. And yes, we were positively GIDDY over the taste of a perfectly grilled steak.

How do YOU plan to welcome giddy?

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