Thursday, April 24, 2008

biker boots and muddy trails

I am a dirt biker mom/wife. Wonder what political demographic that puts me in?

Mike renewed his love for the sport when he hit 39. He got a new dirt bike, and started competing in enduros, as he had when he was in high school. A 39 year old body isn't quite ready for the punishment that riding trails through the woods imposes, so Mike began a vigorous work-out routine that he has maintained for several years. It truly helps his performance, and I love grabbing his bicep and feeling nothing but muscle. Such a nice contrast to my own flappy chicken arms. But I digress...

Charlie has never shown a lot of interest in the sport, and Mike hasn't pushed the idea at all. Last summer, when we were coming back from an enduro (Mike dropped us in Bemidji while he competed near Akeley) Charlie said, "hey dad? I think I would like to ride a dirt bike". He had brought his regular bike and had spent the weekend riding through the trees in my parents large back yard, and decided riding a dirt bike would give him a similar experience. The grin on Mike's face lasted all the way home.

Rather than head out the next day to buy Charlie a dirt bike, Mike waited, to see if it came up again. He wanted to make sure Charlie was serious, and not just exhilerated from his biking freedom he had experienced in Bemidji. Weeks went by, and when Charlie did ask again, Mike said, "Let's go out with the Maki boys and you can try it out." Mike's riding buddy Bob has two young boys who have been riding since they could walk, and Mike thought it wise for Charlie to see if he really liked it before making a purchase.

He loved it, and the bike purchase soon followed. Along with a helmet, boots, and all of the other required gear.

Here they are, just this last weekend, before riding the trails near Mankato. How cute are they?
Yes, that is my child, on a machine, riding through the woods.

He looks really natural!

He even goes through water!

And up hills!

oops. Now, this is when I am glad I am not out there watching. He wasn't seriously injured. Although it is a clear and distinct possiblity. Shall we start a pool to see when the first emergency room visit occurs?

Mike is such a patient, encouraging instructor. Charlie listens really well, and is becoming a very good rider because of it. So maybe he won't get hurt.

A mom can dream...

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