Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trader Joe's is a comin'

I may never be able to move. Not now, not when they are going to start building a new Trader Joe's less than a mile from my house.

My first experience with Trader Joe's was when they opened in St. Louis Park. It was an adventure going there, horrible parking. But worth a trip every now and then. Now that we have one in Woodbury, I regularly make jaunts out there with my friends (car pooling saves gas, you know). I keep a running list on my fridge of the things I will need on my next trip. Here are a few of my favorites:

Forget the pricey Aveda products! ( I know, blasphemy.) Who knew a grocery store would have great skin care? I tried these, on a whim, and I am completely sold. And the best part? I got ALL THREE of these products for less than $10 TOTAL. The Citrus body wash is just the right amount of fragrance, without being overwhelming. The Citrus body lotion is the same fragrance, creating a light layer without being too heavy. And the tangerine sugar scrub? I don't even have words to describe what it does to your skin in the shower. Just be careful, the floor gets a little slippery...

On to frozen friend Kari clued me in to this wonderful combo. Mike and Charlie LOVE it-one bag almost isn't enough for all of us. Great on a night when you need something relatively quick.
Then we have other frozen delights, who knew there were so many kinds of frozen risotto? To heck with standing over the stove for half an hour, stirring liquid into your orzo-just rip open a bag of these goodies. You will hardly notice the difference in taste.

Charlie is a huge fan of the potato gnocchi, filled with pesto. Just boil them up and serve with a little melted butter or olive oil, and some grape tomatoes on the side. yummm

Trader Joe's has fresh pizza dough. Both regular and whole wheat. And you can freeze it, then just thaw it out, roll it out, and top it with their fabulous pizza sauce. And if you have never experienced the joy of using peeled garlic, you have not lived.
My hubby makes dinner every now and then, okay, he makes spaghetti every now and then. It is his 'specialty'. And he prefers the really long spaghetti noodles, which used to be easy to find. Not any more. But Trader Giotto's has come to the rescue! And their prosciutio is half the price of any other store.
Then there are the dairy products. The Vanana yogurt is like eating dessert. The European butter makes fresh veggies sing, and it's taste on corn on the cob will make you weep. Charlie is a huge fan of the chocolate cocoa yogurt. And it's good for you!

I stock up on their chicken broth whenever I am there, I seem to go through a lot of it. LOVE their chutney-so good with a little marscapone or cream cheese on a cracker. And speaking of crackers, these multiseed snacks won't make you feel one bit guilty.And my all time favorite item at Trader Joe's-Fig Bars. They are my standard breakfast when I am in a hurry to get out the door, and to pick me up around 3 pm with a cup of coffee. mmmmm

I also love to buy their fresh flowers, an inexpensive pick me up. Their produce is so good, and organic, if that matters to you. And did I mention that they have a wine shop?

Can you see why I am a little obsessed with Trader Joe's? If you have never had the pleasure, make a little trip to the cities and have an adventure!

And bring a cooler....

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  1. Road trip to TJ's next week? I'm fresh out of Two Buck Chuck. :-)


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