Thursday, May 13, 2010

sick day

Charlie is home again today.  Apparently spending all day Tuesday outside in the rain wasn't so good for him, he has a nasty sore throat and stomach troubles.  No fever, so that's good, and so far Mike and I have stayed healthy.  With this unceasing string of rainy cold days, I'm surprised we aren't all sick.

Mother Nature has surely done a number on us here,  but I am seeing hopeful signs in the weekend weather forecast that things will brighten up soon.  Just in time for fishing!  It has been a good excuse to hunker down at night with knitting and cups of tea, rather than working in the yard.  The grass is getting so tall I am reminded of a jungle.  Glad I'm not the mower in the family.

Do you remember sick days as a child?  Burrowing down deeper under the covers, realizing the whole day stretched ahead of you with only books and naps in your schedule.  My mom would make me tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches to feed my cold, or dry toast and flat 7 up for stomach troubles.  She would bring me water or juice with a bendy straw leaning against the glass,  on the metal tray whose legs folded up when it didn't need to be used in bed.   The only other time that tray saw use was when I sat on the floor in the living room, and used it to color pictures in a fresh new coloring book, in front of our black and white TV.

And sometimes on a sick day, my mom would run to the store while my dad was home for his lunch, and bring me home a new Archie comic book and some ginger ale, to help pass the day.  It was like a little reward for being stuck at home, as I was one of those elementary school kids who LOVED school, and hated being home.

What are your staying home from school memories?


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Charlie is sick again today. Poor kid. But with a mom like you, I'll bet he's enjoying every minute of being home. Since I grew up without a mom, I often had to stay home alone when I was sick. But my wonderful dad would leave me well stocked with comic books and a few of my favorite things. He would race home during his lunch hour and make me something good for lunch. And, I got to watch endless amounts of t.v.!!

  2. Lying on the couch all day reading and watching morning game shows like Family Fued with my Grandma Lucy. In the afternoon, General Hospital. I was hooked on the whole Luke & Laura drama. If I wasn't too too sick, she and I would bake chocolate chip cookies together. Wonderful memories.

    I hope Charlie feels better soon. I have two home sick today and with different illnesses. Ugh.

  3. Oh Luke and Laura - I was a major GH fanatic. I just remember lots of ginger ale and how it burned when it came back up.
    xoxo, t


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