Monday, May 3, 2010

dirt bike momma

It was a whirlwind weekend, what with celebrating Mike's birthday on Saturday ( I will post his cake recipe on Wednesday, oh my....) and the first dirt bike race of the year on Sunday.  We are all moving a little slow this morning...

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful as we loaded up the dirt bikes and headed for Monticello.  Charlie's race started at 9, so it was kind of a mad scramble to get him registered, his bike sound checked, and suited up.  But he made it to the line on time, and listened while the race leader talked about the obstructions to watch for, and signs to make sure you were on the right trail, and such. 

He waited patiently, while I grew increasingly nervous.  Maybe that's why I usually stay home.

The flag dropped (kinder and gentler than the shotgun start), and they were off!

In a Harescramble event, it is part motocross, and part enduro.  So when they are on the moto part of the track, it makes for great spectating.  But once they head off into the woods, you just keep your fingers crossed that they will eventually emerge from the woods to the checkpoint. 

It is all very techno these days, they have transponders in their helmets, so when they cross the checkpoint you immediately see their time, and it is also posted on a tv monitor at another place.  In the old days (last year...) they would have to stop, and someone would record their time both on their bike and on a sheet of paper.

Charlie's race lasted a little over an hour, he did three laps of the course and ended up riding 17 miles.  Mike was out in the woods, at a spot where he could capture the kids on video.  Parents just love it when he sends them pics of their kids from a race-as it isn't easy to get out there in the woods and catch them in action.  And is there anything we parents love more, than pictures of our kids having fun?

As a mom, I am just glad that he finishes, and doesn't break anything....

Here he is, sweaty and exhilerated.  Now is when you are really glad I DON'T have smellevision....

It is a really big family event, some people show up the day before and camp overnight.  A wonderful atmosphere, guys working on their bikes, the smell of campfires buring into the night as friends reconnect after a long winter and talk about the races to come this summer.  Kids running in the dark, moms getting beds ready.  Mike and Charlie usually camp out too, but since Monticello is so close it made more sense to arrive early on Sunday instead.  They will be packing the tent for the rest of the events this summer (another reason I won't be joining back doesn't take kindly to a sleeping bag on the ground...)

After Charlie's race, he shed his racing gear and headed out on his bicycle with buddies, and they spent a glorious day mostly unsupervised exploring the area.  The event is held at a YMCA camp, and there is a lake and trails (not part of the course) for them to check out.  The camp sells food, everything from brats to pork chops, and it is a great fundraiser for them.  People gather around the picnic tables throughout the day, as different classes race at different times.  Mike did a bunch of filming of the C rider race, and then it was time for him to get suited up for his own event.
I was the photographer this time around, no pressure, considering I am married to Photo Pohl.  He has built up quite a reputation as the camera guy amongst the riders, and everyone seems to know him.  But I put that camera on, and did my best to do him proud.
There were some great spots to take pictures, and through the dusty haze I did my best to capture his race. 
Both the highlights and the falls.
He finished 7th in his class, and did really well.  For an old guy. 


I would think the worst part would be having to load everything up at the end of the day, when you are sore and tired, but Mike is used to it, and even does it with a smile.
We arrived home Sunday night dirty, tired, but with guys exhilerated from their first event of the year.

It's going to be a really good summer.


  1. What an absolutely great post. Congratulations to Charlie...he looks like he loves it! And congrats to Mike, on an outstanding finish. Mike, you are the man. A fabulous summer it most certainly will be.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Nice photos! Mike is very handsome in that last one. ;o)

  3. I spy hooded sweatshirts. **cough***
    Cannot wait to hear about the cake!


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