Wednesday, May 19, 2010

recipe box Wednesday

I have been on a kick to try new recipes lately, and find some new family favorites to add to our seasonal routines.  Last night's choice was the most well received so far, and will definitely be going into our rotation.  I will share it with you today.

It came straight to my inbox, part of Martha Stewart's Dinner Tonight from Everyday Food email that I get daily:

(Wait for the link to load completely, so it brings you to the Lemon Tortellini recipe).  If you haven't already done so, you can sign up to receive daily recipes too.  Or browse the 99 other main dish pasta recipes.  You will receive different main course dishes daily, sometimes poultry, sometimes pasta, lots of options.

Next time I would add a little more lemon, and perhaps saute some mushrooms along with the prosciutto and garlic (being one who can never leave well enough alone). It was easy, and we ate it outside in the sunshine with a bowl of fresh strawberries and some iced tea.  And thoughts of snow and winter were far from our minds as we watched the girl's softball team frolic through the grass, laughing and enjoying the warm night.

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