Thursday, May 20, 2010

girls weekend!

My sis arrives tomorrow to begin our three days o fun-she hasn't been away from her son for well over a year, and has not been for a visit down here since last July, so needless to say we are both giddy with anticipation.
Whatever shall we do first?  The time will fly, as it always does, as we try to pack in all of the things we love to do.

We will probably start off with a light lunch as soon as she arrives, I am thinking I will make her Ina Garten's Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad.  I have lots of fresh basil in my garden, and two balls of fresh mozzarella in my fridge.  My stomach is groaning just thinking about it.

Rummage sales?  Shopping at our favorite spots?  Maybe a day drive to Stillwater, or Stockholm?  Farmer's Market?  A picnic in my backyard?  Visits to my favorite garden stores?  A Yahtzee or Scrabble tournament?  Jewelry making?  Which restaurants shall we go to?  Old favorites, or try something new?  The possiblities are endless, we will be free as birds with no commitments or children to manage.

Today I must ready my little house, and iron some freshly washed sheets with lavender linen spray, and make a run to Trader Joe's for some of her favorite treats.  I will pick some flowers - the lily of the valley are blooming, and their fragrance is unbelievable.  I will check the wine cellar to make sure it is stocked, and plump up the pillows on the outdoor furniture.

Oh, it shall be bliss.  I of course will fill you in on the frivolity next week!


  1. Ohferfun! I hope you have a magical, delicious, quiet, shopping and relaxing weekend full of beauty. Enjoy catching up with each other!

  2. Fun fun - maybe even celebrate a birthday!


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