Tuesday, May 4, 2010

busting out all over

Spring, that is.  After all of the dirt on Sunday I need to refresh myself with some more garden photos:

Spied on my walk last week:

And it is officially planting week at my house.  Sure, the pansies and ranunculus have filled out the window boxes quite nicely in the last month, but now it's time to get serious.

And yesterday, I made my first official (SOUND OF TRUMPETS) trip to Leitners! It is our neighborhood garden center, I just feel happy and content the minute I step onto the brick pavers of their patio.  Yesterday there were wind chimes singing in the breeze, and because it was gray and overcast and kinda chilly, I practically had the place to myself.  Ooooh, the colors, the smells, the free Starbucks coffee just waiting for me! 

They have a wonderful, whimsical selection of pots, and plants you won't find at the hardware store.  Dang!  I should have brought my camera!  Next time.

I scored a chocolate colored hollyhock, that I will plant next to my hot pink clematis.  Fun combo!

LIME GREEN lisianthus.  (well, what it will look like when it blooms...)

Oh how fun.  And I found Lime Green Nicotania too-last summer the white version of this plant was just stunning.  Remember?

Several different kinds of oxalis.  Love their color, and how they get so bushy with dainty little flowers on the end   And some fun geraniums, purchased more for the foilage than the flowers.

Pineapple sage.  One little plant will grow to be a huge bush in my sun garden, and sprout beautiful red featherlike flowers in the fall.

The weather looks to be near perfect to get things in the ground today-better get my work done first!

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  1. I love nicotania and lisianthus!! Two of my favorites. I've already purchases a pineapple sage this year. Chocolate hollyhocks? How do YOU rate? It's always fun to find something new and different to try. Can't wait for picks later in the season!


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