Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the early bird...

...really does get the worm!

I saw it for myself on my walk this morning.  The robin turned to look at me, probably wondering if I was going to fight him for it.  No thanks, it's all yours!

Early morning is my favorite time for a walk.  When the birds start chirping and Claude starts meowing and I sleepily look at my clock, I have to make the fateful choice between snuggling in deeper in my bamboo sheets (another post for another time), or getting up and greeting the day.

Today I made the healthy choice, I am usually glad when I do opt for the walk.  The neighborhood was still quiet, although I did come across some folks already leaving for work.  Birds and squirrels were very busy, two squirrels frantically chasing each other through the dew sparkled lawns reminded me of cartoon characters. 

Lilacs are nearing the end of their blooming season, and dandelion fluff has collected in drifts along the sidewalks and roadways, strangely reminiscent of snow.  Lawns are lush and green after last weeks soaking rains. More and more flowers have started blooming, and gardens are coming alive with color.

Speaking of gardens, not a single one of my six varieties of columbines survived the winter.  What's up with that?  Some of them I have had for years, only one of them was a new plant last summer.  Go figure.

But just as a garden will disappoint, it will delight and surprise too.  One of these returned this year:

It's a Toad lily, I planted it several years ago, and it rarely blesses me with a flower.  Maybe it's trying to make up for my losses.


  1. Oh, I love that little toad lily. Simply beautiful. I had the most incredible columbine ever and I lost it this year as well. Those early morning walks in our neighborhood are unbelievable. And just think, an entire summer awaits!

  2. Did you see Astrid and I running by at 4:45am- um yeah, that was us.

  3. I just looked up Columbine and it says they are a short lived perennial. It's weird, but some perennials live 5 or 6 years and then don't come back again. Peonies, on the other hand, live forever. Sad for the Columbine. Maybe buy some new ones? I took a walk yesterday and it was wonderful. It's been awhile (out of the habit!).


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