Monday, May 31, 2010

always in our hearts

Today we pause to think of those who are no longer with us.  Sure, it's nice to have a Monday off, when the beautiful days of summer are starting to dawn and we are enjoying our yards and gardens.  To gather with friends and have a picnic, or get to that chore that has so far eluded us.  To turn off the alarm clock for another day, and linger over a cup of coffee, and read about the events planned for Memorial Day.

Today, take a moment if you can, to go through your photo albums, and remember those who aren't here.  
(My Grandpa Archie-my mom's father, he died on my Grandma's fiftieth birthday.  That's my mom, in the window of the car.)

Remember the occasions you spent together, whether it was Christmas Eve, or a special birthday.

(my aunt Sandy is the one on the right, my mother's sister, she passed away from cancer in 1998.)

Listen to a song that was a favorite of a loved one, and imagine the look on their face.

(My Great Grandma Ethel, my dad's grandma-I like to believe I most take after her-clearly in the drinking department...)

Cook a recipe that was your grandma's, or plant a flower that was always in your grandpa's garden
(my Grandma Betty and Grandpa Don, my dad's parents)

Go fishing, or golfing, or something that they enjoyed.
(My Great Grandpa George-my father's grandpa, the littlest boy was my uncle Doug, who is no longer with us either.  My dad is the taller boy-thank goodness he is still here!)

Pick a sweet memory that makes you smile,

(my Great Grandpa Peder and Great Grandma Mabel, my mother's grandparents-that's my mom they are holding)

and thank them in your heart for making you the person that you are today.

And  Happy Birthday wishes to my sweet dad, who turns 68 today.  I'll be home to go fishing soon!


  1. I love the name Mabel.

    That picture of your kin whooping it up with the moonshine just slays me. It all makes sense now though.


  2. These pictures are priceless. And, I agree with Tracy!

  3. These pictures are priceless. And, I agree with Tracy!


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