Friday, May 28, 2010

gelato, anyone?

I will get back to telling the tales of adventure that my sister and I experienced last weekend, but today I want to tell you about some women entrepeneurs.  And the reason I must tell you today, is that they will be at the St. Paul Farmer's Market this weekend, for the last time. It's very hard to secure a slot there,  they will only be there through May, as now it will be time for the veggie vendors to move in.

A mother daughter team, they started their business in November.  They make everything by hand, and all of their ingredients are from local farmers and producers.  Their flavors change with the seasons-Charlie and I first discovered them on Mother's Day at the market (how fitting).  That day, they were offering Salted Caramel,

Strawberry Rhubarb, Maple Bacon, Coffee, and several others.  They cheerfully offer free samples, and you can buy a dishful for $3.50 or take home a pint for $ 6.  I would rather pay $6 for a pint of their gelato, than buy a Blizzard at the Dairy Queen any day!

Here's a link to their website, where you can learn all about them.  After their stint at the St. Paul Farmer's Market, they will be at Grand Old Days in June, and other local markets.  Take a peek at their calendar to see where you can find them:

They aren't yet in any local supermarkets, but I would cheerfully help them lobby for a spot in any grocer's freezer.  The texture of the gelato is unbelievably creamy, and the flavors are PERFECT.  Not overpowering, but subtly delicious.  I have tried the Salted Caramel (an early favorite), the Strawberry Rhubarb (delightfully tangy yet creamy), and Hazelnut.  The day I brought Heather to try it out, they were nearly sold out of everything (good for them!) but we were able to bring a pint of Hazelnut home.

It was a delightful end to a long day of shopping and fun, which I will share with you next week.

In the meantime, try to get out and visit this adorable team of gelato makers, you will fall in love with their product (and join my petition to get them in a local grocer's freezer case!)


  1. Sweet irony that Esther and I just enjoyed a cup at the market on Lexington this afternoon - and now I came home to see this!

  2. Photos courtesy of Hanson Girl Photography. :)

  3. Yum! Wishing they sold it in a freezer case near me. Would rush right out and get some. Coffee, Maple Bacon, and Salted Caramel all sound delicious about now.


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