Monday, May 24, 2010

Charlie vs. tree

I am often asked how I can 'let' my kid ride dirt bikes.  Isn't that dangerous?
Yup.  All sports have a risk of injury, and just as in other sports, he is fully protected.  Probably more so.  And the chance that he could get hurt far outweighs the fun he has, and the time he gets to spend with his dad.  Life lessons are large in the sport:  how to maintain his bike, how to handle any condition while out camping in the woods, patience, perserverance, respect for machinery, being a considerate rider, learning to look down the trail, and handling emergency situations, among others.

Of which he had one yesterday.

From what I have been told, his bike went out from under him and he slid headfirst into a tree.  And of course the part of him that hit the tree was the only part of his head not completely covered by a helmet (you do need to be able to see when riding...)

When they walked into the kitchen yesterday, hours earlier than planned, I knew something was up.  .  Charlie has a lump on his forehead (which was dramatically reduced in size by the time they drove home) that I am guessing will mean a very puffy face and black eye this morning.  He is still sleeping, and I haven't dared take a peek yet.  This is one instance where I am really glad I don't have a photo to share with you...

Mike was behind him on the trail, so he was able to get to him right away.  I can't imagine the thoughts racing through his head when he saw it happen.  Oh, I feel for him.  Luckily one of the fellow riders at the event just happens to be a doctor, so he was able to be checked out right away.  The doctor told him he was lucky to hit where he did, as that is the hardest part of our head, and can handle it.  He told him to keep ice on it, and to watch for headaches or stomach issues, which would signal a visit to the doc.  He had neither of those last night, so we will keep our fingers crossed that all is well.
Charlie's first big injury.  So glad it wasn't worse. So glad his dad was right there with him.

Too bad he isn't more interested in, say, chess.


  1. Oh man! I got nervous just reading this. I hope he's feeling okay today. Poor guy! Yes, what's wrong with Chess?? :o)

    Hope you had a very fun weekend despite the injury. And, happy belated birthday to you!

  2. Charlie, you are an adventurous lad! Now that was a little scarey. Mom, you're handling it well.

    Reminds me of the time Austin got hit in the eye with a baseball. When we asked if he was o.k. he said "Oh yes, I just can't see!!!!!"

    There's an art to raising boys.


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