Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dream weekend, part one

My weekend was so full it will take a couple of days to share it all with you. 

When my sister comes to town, something happens to the space/time continuum, as I am pretty sure a regular minute is reduced to 30 seconds.  (and if you are a science professional, and realize that I have no idea what a continuum is, and don't know what I am talking about, please keep your comments to yourself and just let me run with this, okay?)  It's an ANALOGY.  Or something like that.  If you are an English major, don't correct me either.

Let's just say, the weekend went way too fast.

But boy, do we know how to pack a lot of stuff in.

Friday afternoon we dodged the raindrops and hit up a couple of yard sales.  Now, this is against one of my basic rummaging rules (number two, which is:  Go when they open, be done by 11 am), but sometimes exceptions must be made.  And bending that rule was just fine, as we came across a delightful sale full of old things we love-ephemera and dishes and linens and jewelry.  I picked up a 1960's era electric fondue pot, which included the brand new fondue forks still in plastic, and TWO vintage fondue cookbooks.  And it is orange, no less.
And my favorite part of this sale, a vintage RECORD CABINET.  The woman who was holding the sale was quite old, and the cabinet had belonged to her parents.  It will be perfect for all of my 12 x 12 scrapbook paper!

(Consider this a 'before' picture, I will take an 'after' picture once I strip it or paint it or however I decide to make it my own...)
The sale down the alley was amazing, every table was covered in a pretty tablecloth, they even had displays of clothes with accessories, and had fashioned a dressing room, complete with full length mirror, in the corner of their garage!  Boutique shopping, garage sale prices.  (I think Heather has some pictures, when I get them I will share.)

Then it was off to Ax Man.  Heather had never been, and we had always talked about it, and finally made it.  If you have been there, you will understand why I can't even begin to describe it in my blog.  I picked up some old Northwest Airlines dishes (from back when they used to serve food on flights!)  Check out the store here:  http://www.ax-man.com/

Then it was off to Roseville, where we hit up Homegoods and Michaels.  By then we were tired and hungry, so we made a quick stop for fresh cheese curds (from Nelson's-they are delivered from their cheese shop in Wisconsin every Tuesday and Friday, and they are easily the squeekiest cheese curds you will ever bite into).  http://www.nelsoncheese.net/

We then made our way to Pizza Luce, on Selby Avenue, and enjoyed a Spanish Chicken Pizza (marinated chicken breast with red onions, toasted garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella and smoked Gouda cheese on red sauce).  Is your mouth watering?  Here's a link if you want to know more about it:  http://www.pizzaluce.com/.

We ended the day in my living room, with big glasses of wine and lots of giggling.  Stay tuned for more tales of our adventures!


  1. Twas a perfect day together. Oh, that pizza sounds divine!

  2. I'm ready for part two! Checked out the websites. Ax Man looks like a fun place and now you've made me hungry for pizza. I'm a pizza fanatic. So glad you had the weekend together.


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