Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I bet you didn't know -

- that September is National Sewing Month. Really, it's true! While some things just get their own day (like popcorn, or mother's), sewing is apparently such a big deal it gets a whole month.

Or is it just a marketing gimmick, to sell fabric and sewing machines?

Clearly, it worked for me. I found this fabulous fabric: and had to get enough for new seat covers, and pillows, and then had to get new curtains to coordinate with the fabric in the living room and dining room.

Perhaps I feel more inspired to sew since I picked up "Betty" at Junk Bonanza. I had been looking for an antique dress form for years, and my friend Joanne spied one when we were hunting for treasure. We shared the fun with her daughter, and had a grand day. It was the last day of the event, so we were able to do a little price haggling, and when I saw the tag listed her as "Betty", I knew she was coming home with me. My Grandma Betty is the person who taught me to sew, so it seemed quite serendipitous.She now graces our dining room, wearing a lovely celadon tulle skirt and a beaded necklace I made this summer. Until Mike decides he doesn't want her eating dinner with us anymore....but since that is where I sew, she needs to be there for now.

Even though today is the last day of September, grab a needle and thread and do a little sewing tonight (even if it's just mending, or sewing on a button!)


  1. Cute fabric, very "autumny". Is that a word? :o) Funny how sewing gets a whole month and mothers get one day. Huh? Can't believe her name was "Betty". That's too much!

  2. Oh Fer Pete's Sake! She's everywhere, isn't she?


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