Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sixty is the new forty

If this is 60, bring it on:
Bruce Springsteen, singer and songwriter and performer extraordinaire, turns 60 today.

I feel like we should have cake.

His music has been the soundtrack to the amazing relationship that Mike and I have enjoyed for nearly 30 years, our history is interwoven with his melodies. Some of our best memories are of his concerts, whether it was the very first Springsteen concert I attended in the Twin Cities in 1984, to the concert we brought Charlie to this last March.

We have gone down to the river, we have danced in the dark, we have drank warm beer on a soft summer night. He is one of the most prolific songwriters and story tellers of our time. And he can still do a three hour show without stopping.

He graced the cover of AARP magazine recently (not a sight I ever imagined seeing) and I read the accompanying article while waiting for an appointment at Juut. It was well written, and interviewed a wide range of people who told wonderfully candid stories and offered snippets of the many facets of the man, not only as a performer, but as a dad, and a guy who quietly gives back in so many ways.

Today I will put on "Jungleland", and marvel at the depth of feeling that song can provoke. And perhaps make a cake. Happy Birthday Boss!
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