Tuesday, September 22, 2009

make way for ducklings!

Or adult ducks, as the case may be.

Did you love that book as a child, or reading it to your own children? Robert McCloskey is one of my very favorite children's book authors, and I will never sell our copies of "Blueberries for Sal" or "Make Way for Ducklings". When Mike and I were in Boston, many many years ago, I insisted on visiting the sculptures and watching the Swan Boats.
I was driving back from Edina yesterday, had my yearly check-up (all women together, groan) and was about 6 blocks from my house. We live near the Highland Golf Course, and geese and ducks have been stopping by the water on their way to sunnier climes. As I approached the course, I saw that cars were stopped in both directions. I knew there wasn't a crosswalk there, and as I got closer I could see a whole line of ducks crossing the road. The cars patiently waited, as more and more ducks decided this was their best chance to move it along, and joined their friends. No one honked (except for the ducks, who I think were quacking 'thank you'), no one yelled, we all just sat in our cars and waited for the ducks to safely cross the road. By the time the last duck made it across, there were probably 10-12 cars waiting in both lanes. As we moved along, I looked at the drivers in the oncoming lane, and everyone was smiling. What a fine way to end the day!


  1. Nice to know folks can still be patient and smile while waiting for ducks to cross! Cute. We're heading to Boston soon and I've read about that sculpture. Also, loved the book Blueberries for Sal. Fun post!

  2. Okay, now why did that make me cry? I need help..lol


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