Thursday, September 17, 2009

hobbies for sale

Available immediately, choose from the following hobbies that owner is no longer able to maintain: Sewing-comes with fabulous sewing machine, boxes full of patterns, notions, and fabric that owner had every good intention of whipping up. Scrapping-comes with several brand new albums just waiting to be filled, along with every possible embellishment and tool required. (you'll have to supply your own photos, as you may know I just lost a big chunk of mine...). Beading-all beautifully organized in boxes, more beads and accompanying doo dads and trinkets to keep you making jewelry for a lifetime. Knitting-every size of needle and a rainbow of yarns to choose from, all color coordinated in wine crates, along with a multitude of patterns to keep you purling away for years to come.

Really, when will I ever find the time? It makes me insane.

Guess I better hang on to them, it will keep me out of the casinos in my old age.

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