Wednesday, September 2, 2009

time flies, first day of school edition

Just another milestone this morning, as Charlie went off for his first day of middle school.
Here he was, in September of 2001. His first day of preschool: (please note the chubby cheeks, and the adorable eyes...)
(sorry for the poor picture quality, my scanner is on the fritz, so this is a picture of a picture...)

Who knew that eight years later, he would be in the same outfit, this time as his uniform!
A little nervous, a little excited, all at the same time (shot with a very wide angle lens on a camera Mike is testing, things are a bit distorted. Obviously not a great picture day for the blog...)

He did indulge his parents this morning, and allowed us to take pictures, and walk him to the bus stop. But he informed us that today was the ONLY day we would be walking to the bus stop. It reminded me of his first day of kindergarten, when he insisted on taking the bus the first day, and told us he didn't want us coming to school (which we did anyway, following the bus at a discreet distance).
That's okay, I would rather have him pushing away for his independence, rather than clinging and crying that he doesn't want to leave us!

And my heart goes out to all of my dear friends who sent off their kids to college this year, you have eloquently written about your experiences, and reminded me just how precious these years are, while Charlie is still at home. Thank you for the gentle reminder.


  1. Awww... such a cute boy. How curious that his 1st gr. outfit matches his new school uniform. Always bittersweet, the 1st day of school, but much harder at a NEW school. Looking forward to hear how he makes out. What is his favorite pasta you're making for dinner??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I always love your quotes at the top of your blog. Good one about teaching. :o)

  3. ACK look at him!!! So sweet! How did his first day go?


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