Monday, September 28, 2009

long time, no post

Sorry! The season that is fall has caught up with me, and I am like a squirrel scurrying around getting ready. Fall to me means new curtains and pillows and putting away summer related decorating items, and digging through the attic for pressed leaves and pumpkin dishes and fall candles. I know I am a freak, but when you work from home you need a little change-up every now and then...

Made a quick trip home to Bemidji this weekend, as the guys were off at a trail ride. It was a lovely drive up on Friday, but I am amazed at how late the color is hitting this year. I was still able to spot bright splotches of turning maples and birches against a clear blue sky.
Spent the whole weekend with my sis, checking on the progress of her house, helping her find a new dining room set, reviewing her paint selections, and picking out pumpkins. It felt good not to have any responsibilities or chores for a couple of days.
But Monday is here, as my friend Tracy would say, it is a red calendar day, meaning the list of things I have to take care of is crowded onto the tiny calendar spot that is Monday, Sept. 28th.

Look for some new recipe posts this week!

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