Monday, September 21, 2009

ramping it up

This weekend Charlie became the proud owner of his next dirt bike:
It seems he has turned the corner, from having us MAKE him go and compete in a race he has signed up for, and decided the night before he really didn't want to do, to loving the sport, wanting to ride it in the field across the street (wouldn't Cretin just love that???), and of course, since he is getting older, and taller, needing a bigger dirt bike.
He picked it up on Saturday, Mike had brought his bike along and they found a place to ride on the way home from St. Cloud. Yesterday the first thing he did in the morning was go in the garage and look at it. Then he had to wash it. Then he had to roll it out and ride it down the alley to "warm up the engine". And if he could get it in the house he would keep it in his room, or perhaps sleep with it. Thank goodness he has a loft bed.
And honestly? Mike would probably think it was a really good idea. As he seems to be as excited about this purchase as Charlie is.

Did you know there are now 5 motorcycles in our garage? Mike feels we are well on our way to the optimal number...

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  1. How fun! Good for him! I remember the excitement of getting a new bicycle. This is wayyy better! Very cool.


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