Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dear Mother Nature-

I know I have written to you in the past, to complain about the weather-everything from freezing rain, to never-ending winters, but if I am going to whine, I also need to compliment.

This has been an amazing summer here in St. Paul, we only had a few days over 90 degrees, and my air conditioner was rarely turned in. While I know some people prefer summer to be really hot (not really sure why, as I just find heat and humidity exhausting...), I enjoy a warm day and a cool night with low humidity.

As if to put an exclamation point on this very fine summer, the last week has been like living in San Diego (without the ocean...). Beautiful blue sky days reaching almost to 80, cool evenings that allow windows thrown open, amazing sunrises, and orangey sunsets.

Fairgoers have delighted in the weather, attendance is way up over last year. And I am guessing the teenagers working the Corn Roast Booth at the fair are smiling. The cows are happy, the grass is still green, and Minnesotans are, for today, very proud of their weather.

So thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us this gift that we are thoroughly enjoying, knowing that the coming months will most likely test our loyalty. And then I will be whining again.

With gratitude from a happy gardener.


  1. Seriously, the best Summer weather ever!!!!

  2. Love this post. Yes, a gorgeous weekend. We spent a view hours on a pontoon today, stopping by for a DQ treat. Now, we are home grilling walleye, mixed veggies (zuchini, red pepper, sweet onion, and portabellas), and I'm about to cut up some watermelon and canteloupe. Trying to squeeze every last bit of summer out of this weekend!


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