Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fair day

It seemed fitting that we spend the last day of August at the Great Minnesota Get Together (also known as the Minnesota State Fair).We are fair fans, and go every year. While we have our traditional, must do favorites (eating deep fried turkey sandwiches with a cold glass of all-you-can-drink milk, and of course, cheese curds) we look for something new each year to eat or experience.

This year it was the fresh peach filled scone with creme fraiche from French Meadow Bakery. Can I hear a big OH YUM from the crowd? It beat Sweet Martha's bucket of warm chocolate chip cookies, hands down. Seriously. Well, at least I thought so.
We met up with the adorable Jed and Tracy family, who were brave enough to bring their three daughters to the Fair (on the bus, no less). Esther was hungry, and polished off a foot long all on her own. A girl after my own heart...
I had a wonderful excuse to hold a one month old baby for hours. I was in heaven. The dad's took the kids to the animal barns and on the water ride (you can't not get wet), and Tracy and I brought Astrid to the Creative Arts and Horticulture building. I introduced Tracy to the wonders of the Crop Art exhibit, and apple cider freezies. We watched an amazing Raptor show near the DNR building, and I helped Esther and Eloise complete the Garbage Fish scavenger hunt.

We said farewell to the girls and their parents, as they had put in a long enough day, and we ventured off to enjoy the rest of the fair. Charlie was hot to check out the X Park (meant to be a place for the teenagers to enjoy) and we watched an engergetic group perform on their skateboards and BMX bikes. We visited the Technology building, and the guys even joined me on my tour of the Fine Arts Builiding (there are some amazingly talented Minnesotans out there!)
Eight hours from our arrival time, we wearily walked back to our car, safely parked in the Scout Troop parking lot, another day at the fair ready for the memory pile.


  1. Great pics! Wish we lived closer to the fair. Did I tell you that I'm now addicted to your friend Tracy's blog? The pictures of her girls are always sooo darling. Plus, she's hilarious.

  2. Gosh, that last pic of you and Mike looks so realistic, I swear it is really you. ;)

    Thanks for meeting us and making our day even "funner" on a stick than it could've been.


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